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Camp Crave Second Early Bird

G’day Parents, We’ve opened a second early bird window for Camp Crave! It’s not quite as good a deal as the first window but it’s still cheaper than the normal rate. Closes Monday Feb 11. Click here to see what Camps all about and book yourself a spot. Don’t forget to sign up for a Life Group if you haven’t already. Youth Ministry Team.

Youth Life Group Rego Link

G’day Parents, This blog gets emailed to those who sign up (see below). I’m aware that an embedded form we sent round yesterday might not have worked with every email application so here is a link if that was the case 🙂 Sorry for the inconvenience. Youth Ministry Team  

Youth Life Groups 2019

Hey Parents, Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey! The results are in and all our Youth Life Groups are set to kick off 4 pm Sunday, 17th Feb. There will be no other time-slot for groups to start 2019. We are not ruling them out for the future (either this year or following) but it seems like Sunday arvos will just work really well this year. So, if you have a youth who intends to be part…

St John’s Kids Launch

Hi families, 2019 is up and running, kids are returning to, or starting, kinder/school and that means … St John’s Kids is resuming this weekend – Sunday 3 February, at our 9:30am and 6:00pm services. If you would like to avoid the juggle of filling in start-of-year registration forms on arrival, please print and complete this form for each child and bring with you. To further kick-start the term, you are invited to a Church Picnic at Peppers Paddock, 7 Kangaroo Ground-Wattle…

Youth Life Groups 2019

Hey Parents, Planning for St John’s Youth in 2019 is well under way! We’ve been doing some planning the last few days and we have a question for you. We think it might be possible to have all our Youth Life Groups meet 4pm Sunday’s before our Sunday@6 service. We reckon this would have a large number of benefits with only a couple of drawbacks. So our question is, does Sunday arvo work for your kids? If you could please fill in this…

Where do we get our images?

We like to put a nice image with each of our posts to help grab your attention. There are many great images out there where the artists allow you to use the image for free. This post is a tribute to those who help make our website look great. As an example, our bonfire image last year was from a photographer called Marco Verch. He’s taken some spectacular shots of a huge variety of things. You can check out his…

Volunteer at Sunday@6

Hey Parents, The start of the year is a great time to try new things. At Sunday@6 teams are forming and roles are changing so it’s a great time to put up your hand to volunteer! There are tons of things up front and behind the scenes to get involved in. Volunteering your time and skills is a great way to live out your faith – handing over those things to God for him to use! This week I encourage you…

Are you in our Parent Facebook group?

G’day Parents, If you have a Facebook account, I recommend joining a group that is attached to our church Facebook page called ‘St John’s Parents’. Some of what we post here is re-posted there but the main reason to join that group is the possibility of discussion and parents sharing tips and resources with each other. Last year there were several posts from other parents that we directly applied in our family to great effect. Check it out. Also, You…

Camp Crave 2019

G’day Parents, You may be wondering about Camp Crave next year. Me too! Well, good news, you can register for our 2019 camp right now! Just click here and you’ll see everything you need to know and sign up. We’ll post more about the camp in the coming weeks but if you’re already committed to coming, you might was well sign up now and take advantage of our early bird rates! Kirk

Community Carols this Sunday

G’day Parents, This weekend (Dec 16) Sunday@6 will not be at the St John’s buildling. Instead we’ll be at the Community Carols down at Coventry Oval. You can read about it at our info hub or check out the Facebook event. See you there for a sausage and some singing. Finishes with fireworks! We’ll have one more Sunday@6 service on Dec 23. There will be no evening service on Dec 30. Kirk

Teaching Children to Pray

  Hi families, Over the past three weeks, St John’s Kids at the 9:30am service have been exploring a series on Prayer. If you missed out on receiving the Prayer resource handed out to families, go to a different service, or just prefer a digital copy, please click on the applicable link(s): Teaching Children to Pray, 2-6 yrs Teaching Children to Pray, 7-11yrs (Please excuse the formatting of the PDFs. It’s designed to be a two-sided tri-fold booklet, not a…

Extended Worship – after Sunday@6 this week

Hello parents, After this weeks service, 2nd December we will be having a time of extended worship and prayer. This is a great chance to take a break from the week to praise God together through music and prayer. Our service will officially end between 7-7.10 pm, we will then kick everyone out, set up the space and then invite everyone back in for extended worship until around 8 pm. All are welcome, both youth and parents alike! Andi