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“This church family is the most wonderful family anyone could ask for.” – Nikki

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St Johns Youth – continuing online

Hey parents, Youth Life Groups will continue to meet via Zoom for the remainder of Term 2.  We’ve decided to keep meeting online this term for a few reasons: As restrictions begin to lift and we can consider in-person meetings, we’re in no rush. We plan to get back into things slowly rather than throw families into other activities all at the same time. Our primary concern is the physical safety and the emotional and mental wellbeing of the youth…

St John’s Kids – 31 May 2020

 SUNDAY 31 MAY Today’s service: Access our streamed services here. Today is Pentecost – a celebration of the Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples and new believers in Jesus. Today’s passage reminds us that when we believe in Jesus, we also receive his gift of the Holy Spirit, and we become a new creation. We no longer live for ourselves, but for Christ. Join in with the actions today as we sing One Way and celebrate that Jesus is the one…

St John’s Kids – 24 May 2020

SUNDAY 24 MAY Today’s service: Access our streamed services here. Sometimes our bodies do not work exactly how we would like them to. It may because of a broken arm after falling off the monkey bars, or because of sickness or a medical condition. And, as we grow older our bodies become frailer and more susceptible to breakage and disease. Last week’s passage reminded us that despite, or even because of, our weaknesses and flaws, God can use us to shine…