Talks by Sam Oldland

Talks by Sam Oldland

Overcome the World

Sam concludes our Walk in the Light series, a week before Christmas. At the end of the letter of 1 John, John writes encouragements to the Christians who will receive this letter. Sam pulls out some hashtags that John might have used in his letter, if …

Jesus and the Spirit #2

The truth is sometimes hard to hear. Jesus describes the Holy Spirit as an advocate, which Kirk spoke about last week, and the Spirit of Truth. What does that mean for us? Sam explores this idea in the second of our Jesus and the Spirit series.

Glorify God in Conflict

While many people see conflict as simply a problem it is also an opportunity where we can bring glory to God in the way that we approach it. As Christians we want to glorify God in all that we do and conflict is no exception. David in Psalm 37 is honest about conflict but encourages trusting in God and committing our way to him in the midst of it. He warns that evildoers will face God’s judgement but that the…

The Good Shepherd

Whose voice do we listen to? In this instalment of our ‘I Am…’ series, Sam Oldland reflects on Jesus’ statement that he is ‘The Good Shepherd’, and that those who listen to him and respond are truly hearing the voice of God. From John 10:11-21.

The Light of the World

Continuing our I AM series, we go back to what is at the heart of the Christian faith, and examine Jesus, and his revelation of God. There are seven times in the Gospel of John where Jesus said ‘I am’, and gave a series of images that explained who he was. This week, we look at Jesus when he spoke of himself as ‘the light of the world’ in John 8:12-20. Sam Oldland gives us his first talk at St John’s, and looks at what this means, with Jesus as the one who sheds light on the darkness, and saves us from it.