To view the draft of our 2022 vision, click here.
All our activities and ministries are guided by our commitments laid out in our Vision & Strategic Directions for 2014-17.
Our Mission: To know Christ and make Him known
Our Vision: By 2017 we will be actively engaged in the life of our local community and celebrating more people becoming Christians each year.
Our Values: The basis of our values is our faith in God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), whom we want to know and experience in all his fullness. This leads to all our decisions to flow from these core values:
  1. The full revelation of God in Jesus Christ and the Bible.
  2. The full experience of God in Christian community.
  3. The full mission of God in word and action, locally and globally.


Strategic Directions 2014-2017

  1. Empower church members for mission and ministry.
  2. Increase our engagement with the local community.
  3. Be more purposeful in our evangelism.
  4. Develop a vibrant community of families.
  5. Develop a vibrant youth community.
  6. Encourage a culture of mutual care.