‘Discipleship’ for Christians is the process by which we learn about the teaching of Jesus and how to live in the way that he showed us. The purpose of this is that as we ‘follow’ him throughout our lives, we grow in our experience of the power and love of God, and in our ability to be agents of God’s transformation in the world in which we live.

Resources for Discipleship in our Parish

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a model of discipleship based on the idea that our growth as Christians involves gradual maturity over time and an integral unity between all aspects of our spiritual lives. We identify five disciplines that provide the ‘roots’ of the Christian life (Prayer, Worship, Understanding, Bible Study, Self-Awareness) and five disciplines that show the ‘branches’ of growth in Christian living (Vocation, Ethics, Encouragement, Evangelism, Fruifulness). This model is to help members of our parish identify where God is calling them to grow at the moment, and for leaders to discern how best to help those under their care.

The The Tree of Life Small Group Study Guide explains the model and how it applies to Christian disciples, as well as providing discussion questions for exploring the topic of discipleship in greater depth.

A companion survey allows our members to reflect on their own growth as Christians. This can done by downloading a copy of the The Tree of Life Survey – Printable VersionĀ  and The Tree of Life – Results Guide.


In 2016 we are focussing on the material from the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course.