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Leadership Training Program

A year long, part time, Christian leadership experience.

If you love Jesus, have a desire to build your life on him and to share him with those who don’t know him then our Leadership Training Program may be a wonderful opportunity for you!

What is a Leadership Training Program?

The Leadership Training Program is a year long, part time, Christian leadership experience. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to be trained in leadership skills, develop in spiritual maturity, deepen their love for Jesus and be strategically placed to serve in different parts of our church.

Our Leadership Training Program will seek to grow leaders, giving them the learning and support they need.

Participants will be able to grow in Christian faith, character and competence. This involves diving deep into the word of God, focused reflection on who God is and a deep understanding of God’s grace.

What will be involved?
  • Program running from Feb 1st – Dec 25th 2019
  • Weekly group meetings
  • Formal theological training
  • Coaching from an experienced Christian Leader
  • Leadership role within the church
  • Two Conferences/Mission Trips during the year

More detailed information can be found here.

How to apply

The process consists of an application form, reference checks and an interview. After the interview you will either be accepted into the program or contacted as to why your application has been declined.

Applications close January 22nd at 5pm.

Apply below: