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Church Directory Update

Check your details are up to date, and provide consent to share them within our church family

We’re about to embark on a contact directory blitz. We’re updating all our contacts and preparing to launch a printed version of our digital Elvanto directory.

We’d love you to jump on to your Elvanto profile at and check all your details are up to date.

Check your email address, home and mobile numbers, physical and mailing addresses, and your Privacy Settings.

Steps to update digital directory preferences:

  1. In the “ME” section of your profile, on the left, click Privacy Settings.
  2. Click “Church Contacts
  3. If you don’t want to appear in the online directory at all, uncheck the “Show my profile” option. Anything in green will appear by your name in the online directory. Click on any information you don’t want available to other Church Members, and it will appear grey.
  4. In the “ME” section of your profile, on the left, click Edit Profile to return to your profile.

Steps to update printed directory preferences:

  1. In the “Your Information” section of your profile, find the Printed Directory section.
  2. To be included in the printed directory, tick the “Printed Directory Consent” option. You can opt out of specific information in the Printed Directory by unchecking the tick boxes labeled “Privacy Consent”. If you don’t want to appear in the printed directory at all, untick the “Printed Directory Consent” option.
  3. Click the green Save button to save your printed directory settings.

Married couples will also need to (arbitrarily) choose a spouse to become the “Primary” contact person for their family, who will be listed first in the directory. This is done under the Me heading, in the Family menu to the left.