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Biblical Story-telling Workshop

A good story is remembered forever!

A good story is remembered forever!  It is told forward and thought about long after the initial hearing.

At a dinner party, while exercising, over a coffee catch-up, in the classroom, while camping…. everyone loves a good story!

Jesus was perhaps the world’s best story teller.  He engaged people around Him, connecting their lives and surroundings with God’s eternal truths.  These stories are still being pondered and providing inspiration, thousands of years later!

Come and learn how to share biblical stories in a way which is engaging and relevant to the culture around you.

Saturday 27th October, 9am-4pm.

St John’s Anglican Church, Diamond Creek.

Josh Bartlett, Wycliffe Story-teller and Coach

How much?
$20 (Training resources and morning tea )

Registrations close Friday 26th October, 9am.

Register here from 7th August 2018