This year we are spending a couple of days experimenting with how we might practice the spiritual discipline of Sabbath-keeping. This continues in 2017, from our focus last year on the issue of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.

One part of Sabbath that a lot of people find challenging is prayer. How do we talk to God effectively? How do we pray out loud or in silence? How do we pray together as friends and family?

Our first 6to6 day of 2017 hopes to help us all grow in our prayer.

What’s actually happening?

The basics of the day revolve around the foyer at our Diamond Creek site being setup as a drop-in prayer space from 6am-6pm on Saturday the 17th of June. During those 12 hours, there will be leaders ready to facilitate prayer with whoever drops in.

It will be a relatively unstructured day, to allow people to drop in at any time during the 12 hours and there will be a bunch of different styles of prayer for us to engage with.

As well as general prayer of all kinds available throughout the day, at scheduled points during the day there will be an opportunity to engage with a particular type of prayer. See below for details:

This schedule is subject to change.

6 AM Morning Prayer Service
7 AM General
8 AM General
9 AM Mission
10 AM Kid Friendly (under 10s)
11 AM Kid Friendly (under 10s)
12PM Prophetic/listening
1 PM Musical Meditation on Rachmaninoff’s Liturgy
2 PM General, including communion
3 PM Meditative
4 PM Healing
5 PM Evening Prayer Service including communion
6 PM Finish

Want to be involved?

We’d love you to help make this happen. Please fill in the form below if you’re interested.