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Peacemakers – Gently Restoring Others

by Andy Barras

Rather than sweeping conflict under the carpet and avoiding it we need to honestly and gently approach with other people when they have hurt or wronged us. Jesus tells us to go directly to the other person and deal with it one-on-one. This is perhaps the most ignored command in Scripture and we are often […]

Peacemakers – Get the Log Out of Your Eye

by Andy Barras

The starting point for dealing with conflict is to search our own hearts and lives and see what we have contributed to the problem. Jesus tell his disciples to remove the log from their own eye before they try to remove the speck from someone else’s eye. Conflict gives us an opportunity to come before […]

Peacemakers – The Gospel and Conflict

by Andy Barras

The second episode in our Peacemakers series identifies that dealing with conflict is a gospel issue. This is not some sideline topical issue that we may or may not want to think about but is at the heart of our everyday lives. Broken humans are in conflict with God and considered his enemies. Fortunately for […]

Peacemakers: The Reality of Conflict

by Andy Barras

This new series looks at the reality of conflict. The Church today is the most conflict prone organisation in the world, and the most conflict adverse. This, believe it or not, should be expected! The Church brings in people with different habbits, different backgrounds, different life experiences. The only common thread is Jesus. There is no […]