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White (Space) July – Do not worry

by Andy Barras

The final week of White (space) July addresses the lack of faith we often have when it comes to trusting God about the future. Younger generations, in particular, are put under a lot of Aussie pressure to set themselves up well for the future. Own a house, settle down, have savings, have investments, protect yourself! […]

White (Space) July: Jesus, Mary & Martha

by Andy Barras

Continuing our White (space) July series, Tim takes a look at Luke 10:38-42. This is a well-known passage warning against too much work but it’s relevance only seems to be growing. It’s not that Martha is wrong to work hard, it’s that her priorities are all wrong compared to her sister who is sitting quietly […]

White (space) July – Jesus: Lord of the Sabbath

by Andy Barras

Keen listeners will remember our White (space) Christmas series from late 2016. In God’s word, we have a powerful and repeated command to embrace Sabbath rest. Most of us at St John’s are, by our own admission, ignoring or badly failing this command. This preaching series aims to help us do rest better and, when we […]