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Kids and families are always welcome at our church.

Latest Talks

Summer Stories || Biblical Storytelling

Throughout January, the talks at St John’s have taken a different format to usual, meaning they haven’t been appropriate for the format of a podcast. In this episode, Andy and Tim chat about what the teaching has been in January, and will catch you up …

“I’m thankful to God for a wonderful family here, that this can be our family. The range of wonderful people that come through the doors, all sorts of people, from all sorts of walks of life is just wonderful.” – Chris

Latest Blog Posts

Where do we get our images?

We like to put a nice image with each of our posts to help grab your attention. There are many great images out there where the artists allow you to use the image for free. This post is a tribute to those who help make our website look great. As an example, our bonfire image last year was from a photographer called Marco Verch. He’s taken some spectacular shots of a huge variety of things. You can check out his…

Volunteer at Sunday@6

Hey Parents, The start of the year is a great time to try new things. At Sunday@6 teams are forming and roles are changing so it’s a great time to put up your hand to volunteer! There are tons of things up front and behind the scenes to get involved in. Volunteering your time and skills is a great way to live out your faith – handing over those things to God for him to use! This week I encourage you…

Are you in our Parent Facebook group?

G’day Parents, If you have a Facebook account, I recommend joining a group that is attached to our church Facebook page called ‘St John’s Parents’. Some of what we post here is re-posted there but the main reason to join that group is the possibility of discussion and parents sharing tips and resources with each other. Last year there were several posts from other parents that we directly applied in our family to great effect. Check it out. Also, You…


There’s a lot more to church than Sundays. Check our calendar for what’s going on.