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All About Jesus || Philippians 1:12-30

Do you have a mate (or maybe yourself), who is fully devoted to something? Do they use every spare moment to work on their cricket skills? Are they like a sheepdog, focused on herding the flock? Paul, the author of this letter to the church in Philippi, was fully devoted to persecuting Christians, throwing them in jail, and giving them a hard time. That was until he had an encounter with Jesus, and turned his devotion to the spreading of the good news of Jesus. Paul laid his life bare for Jesus, willing to give up his freedom (he’s writing this letter from prison), and willing to give up his reputation – Paul says that he’d be happy for people to be preaching the Gospel even if they do it in a way that brings Paul harm; as long as they are preaching the good news of Jesus!  What are you willing to give up for Jesus? Would you let yourself be lowered down to bring Jesus up in glory?

Partners in the Gospel || Philippians 1:1-11

When you think about Christians, how would you describe them? Would you think that they’re judgmental? Bigot? Do-gooder? Paul, in the first century, wrote a letter to a new church in Philippi, saying that believers should be characterised by the joy in their lives. Throughout the book of Philippians, Paul uses the word joyful, or rejoice, over and over again.  Paul says that we can find joy in ‘partnership’ in the Gospel. He finds joy in the fact that both he and those in Philippi are on the same team, sharing the good news of Jesus. Tim Johnson looks at some of our mission partners, and how we can be finding joy in those partnerships.

Come and See: Lost and Far Away

When Julie was 17 years old, she lived in a Buhdist temple in Thailand. She learnt of compassion, and elements of Buhdism, as well as the power of positive thinking, and even dabbling in palm reading.  Julie’s outward picture looks pretty good: a successful career, a dynamic social life, Julie saw the world as her stomping ground, and was stomping proudly. Though her life on the surface seemed positive and strong, living in China for a time threw a number of challenges at her, and she found all those positive things she had relied on brought no relief or support. Julie found her support in a Christian family, and the way that they lived out their faith, to love God and to love others. She was stunned that they not only believed that, but lived it out! Christianity is about more than being a good person though- it’s about a relationship with the God that loves you!

“I’m thankful to God for a wonderful family here, that this can be our family. The range of wonderful people that come through the doors, all sorts of people, from all sorts of walks of life is just wonderful.” – Chris

Latest Blog Posts

Volunteer Spotlight | Joy and Scotty

It’s National Volunteer Week, and we love our volunteers. We’ve got some great stories to tell about some of our volunteers, about why they serve, and what they love about volunteering. Today, meet Scotty and Joy. Scotty and Joy are married, and love volunteering together, and as individuals. Scotty’s a retired mental health support worker, and Joy a retired Nurse and Educator. Among their many areas of service, they coordinate and liase with an organisation called Houses of Hope, who…

Volunteer Spotlight | Bev Ward

It’s National Volunteer Week, and we love our volunteers. We’ve got some great stories to tell about some of our volunteers, about why they serve, and what they love about volunteering. First up, meet Bev. Bev’s a retired nurse, and if you’ve been around St John’s or St Katherine’s, you’ve probably know her, or have heard her laugh! Bev serves in the Aged Care facility Leith Park, where she lives, leading sing-a-long sessions for (as she puts it) the ‘oldies’.…

Can you help bless a youth leader?

G’day Parents, This year our Youth Unite team have planned an extra event just for youth leaders. Leaders volunteer so much of their time and energy to serve our young people and their families, that we wanted to do something special to thank them. We also want to help churches better equip their leaders for ministry and to provide opportunities for them to interact with leaders from other churches. So, on June 29 we will be holding a Leadership Dinner…


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